Accounting services

Comprehensive bookkeeping


We offer full accounting services to Hungarian companies, to tax registered companies and to companies who have a Hungarian branch.

We can help in the development of the necessary accounting system or an existing review.

Our activities include;

The compilation of accounting rules,

Accounting for customer - supplier invoices, bank, petty cash and fixed assets. Preparing outgoing invoices, sending out to the partners.

Preparing and submitting tax returns and other financial returns;

Performing regular financial closings; data services flexibly tailored for the individual.

Completion of year-end closings; compilation and submission of the annual reports, audit preparation, dealing with auditors, to support the audit of annual accounts.


Framework of the administrative services


Within the framework of the administrative services we can provide the following facilities;


The exhibition of outgoing invoices, based on data provided by the clients, forwarding the request directly to the partners,


Register invoices and approvals, and establishment of policy,

Setting up and licensing of the referral lists,

Taking care of bank transfers and bindings.

Debtors and obligations to keep records,

Performing customers and suppliers current account reconciliation.

Daily preparation of financial reports,

Relations with financial institutions,

Assistance for bank loan application and other kinds of bank supplying of data.

Domestic 'forint' (HUF) and foreign currency cash management,

Other financial performance of administrative tasks.


Accounting Advisory Services


In business life, it is important that the owners and management can assess the financial and tax consequences one step ahead; with our personal involvement, we find the most suitable solution, taking into account the efficiency, effectiveness and liquidity.


Our team, in order to develop accounting tasks that are mentioned in the first paragraph, participates in the exploration of inside and outside opportunities in the company, using tax consulting knowledge as well.


Consolidation / IFRS


As the economy goes forward to globalization, between the various business relationships, partnerships are created. We distinguish between groups of the companies;

Parent companies, subsidiary undertakings, companies with common leadership, associated companies, undertakings in an other sharing relation.


The consolidated companies operate as an independent company, after the integration of the profit and loss and the financial statements of the companies, from the devices and the sources and from the incomes and expenditures we need to strain off the accountancy accumulation what spring from the economic contacts between the consolidated companies.


Our colleagues can produce, inside the full consolidation, capital consolidation, debt consolidation, interim results are filtered out, the consolidation of revenues and expenditures, as the accounting policies, additional enclosures and the annual reports.


Knowing the international standards, with complex and specialized knowledge, we prepare financial statements according to international accounting standards.


Our activities also include the compilation of interim balance sheet and balance sheet.



We undertake training that let our clients find their way much more easily on the Hungarian accountancy and taxational areas, and let reports be able to be analysed confidently and to negotiate with their partners.



Seat provision


There is an opportunity for seat provision, primarily make the company available for authorities and business partners. Without seat service, there is another opportunity that the bank vouchers arrive into our office directly.


Tax advisory

Tax Advisory


Single and continuous, wide-ranging advice on offer with various tax, international tax issues as well.


We prepare vocational opinions with the taxation in the course of related single tests.


Tax Planning

Overall management of matters relating to VAT registration.


Preliminary analysis of contracts for tax purposes, and drafting tax purposes important contracts.


Tax Due Diligence


Tax risks filtering, for companies / shares which would buy or offered for sale targeted or full-scale overhaul of the tax habits of the past exploration.


Supervision of tax returns,

Exploration of Tax Optimization Opportunities,

Tax and representation before authorities,

Assistance during inspections





Compilation of the rules of cafeteria system


Cafeteria processing statements, register of items in the cafeteria, workers prepare to select the appropriate type of benefits.


Planning, recording cafeteria correct tax liabilities.


The payroll calculation of the elements of cafeteria into attention of value limits, meanwhile we do all the administrative tasks easier!

Reports / Statistics



Preparation of monthly, quarterly and annual reports

Compilation of annual budgets and forecasts

Cash flow and liquidity plans develop

Cost statements

Merger balance sheet and asset inventory

Management reports

Earnings Reports

Comparative statements

Mandatory compilation of statistics; filling intrastat and labor statistics.

Financial administration

Financial administration


For your efficient and reliable use of our work in the following we undertake the development work;

Dispensable, elimination of duplicated processes,


Risks and management of exploration,

On-demand periods, necessary rapid periodic data services,

Accurate financial information and tax calculations,

Regular checks,

Fluid audit.



Business plan


The business plan is the basis for successful corporate governance as owners, investors, potential business partners and all creditors of the company or a business creation, expansion, development. Total adjustment after careful consideration and deliberation.



Payroll Services

Complete payroll tax and contribution rules and in compliance with the Labour Code


Writing of labour agreements, labour agreement modifications;

Conferences, job descriptions; employers certificates, the issuing year-end tax receipts


For the termination of employment legal declarations / agreements;

Compliance with reporting obligations to the tax authorities;

Working hours and working time records;

Compliance with the provisions on freedom expenditure;

Wages, absence fee, wage allowances and other benefits accounted for;

Proper operation of fringe benefit system;

Disablements leadership in wages;

For specific employee (simplified employment, employment by the employer plural)

Personal income tax return preparation.


Overall service for start-ups

From the foundation of company to the tax planning, comprehensive information and preparation of calculations, accounting and reporting systems design services are trained from the beginning to achieve the objective, incorporating the other points mentioned.



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