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Why clinch? We were looking for a short, catchy word, which is in the first half of the alphabet, one, we can completely separate from the dry, boring numbers and the meaning symbolizes our commitment. But what is Clinch? – you might want to ask.

Clinch has several different meanings and interpretations, amongst which are "to associate" "to connect" "connectivity" and "to finally reach". Some of you might be familiar with the term "Clinch knot" which is used by anglers, climbers and sailors.

Borrowing this term, we would like to give a new dimension and a whole new point of view to accounting and taxation.

Do you feel upset when you don't understand something or simply you are not able to ask the bookkeeper or tax consultant?

Just like before going to the dentist, right? (At Clinch) we want to put an end to all this.

We feel that this is our mission to care for, and treat our customers confidentially, make direct connection between each other, bringing them closer to these soulless numbers and tables. We don't want taxation and accounting to be a cold and gloomy, gray fog in the mind of the taxpayers, but to be as comprehensible and as clearcut as possible, making it more appealing to our customers.


Our team has more than 10 years of experience in domestic and international taxation which we are willing to share with you for mutual success. Multinational knowledge, continuous improvement, commitment, humility, customized support, human-scale environment (- are some of the words we would describe our values). We look upon you not only as a customer, but as a colleague. We mutually share our strengths and knowledge with each other, as working together is a kind of symbiosis. Let's unite, let's support each other, together is easier.


Krisztina Kelen

Genral Manager Clinch


Office Manager Clinch

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